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Slow Cooker Tex Mex Lettuce Wraps

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It’s a New Year! Yay! And with the New Year and a cruise next month, you know what that means. Time to eat better and hit the gym regularly! The fun of all the Christmas treats and parties is over and now the work begins. The best part of this meal is that I feel like I was still having a delicious meal for dinner and it was healthy! You save on so many calories by wrapping in lettuce. And I loved being able to top with fresh ingredients. The flavor of this chicken was so good and had a little kick to it. My husband had four wraps. He loved them! We will probably be having these on a weekly basis until the cruise. This recipe was so easy and the chicken just shredded perfectly and was so tender. It was delish!

Tex Mex Lettuce wrap garnished with avocado, tomato, and cilantro with a blue and white bowl beside it with extra meat. An avocado, lime, and tomato are sitting beside the wrap.

Rating: 4 stars  Difficulty of Recipe: 1 star
Review: I didn’t add the jalepeno for fear that it may be to spicy for the kiddos. It still had a kick to it because I used hot salsa. We will be making this again. My hubby couldn’t get enough!


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