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Slow Cooker Asian Glazed Chicken

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I have almost made it to the end of my pregnancy. It is a busy time for my little family. Especially preparing for the babies arrival. It is pretty exciting when you make it to your weekly doctor appointments because you know that things are getting close! I was starting to panic because I really don’t have anything. Except for 1000 bows. 🙂  Luckily I have got some amazing blogger friends that threw me a baby shower on Saturday!

I knew that my last doctor appointment was going to be a busy day. Busy days call for slow cooker meals. I was able to throw this delicious asian glazed chicken into the slow cooker within 5 minutes. We came home from my doctor to an awesome meal. The chicken has a sweet asian glaze over the top and it was so easy to throw over some rice. I love how tender and moist chicken is in the slow cooker. The flavor was amazing and the entire family loved it. Even picky eater approved. 🙂

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