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One Pan Honey Mustard Chicken and Veggies

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Delicious savory honey mustard chicken and root vegetables all cooked together on ONE sheet pan!

Honey Mustard Chicken and root vegetables in a white serving bowl with metal spoon.
Hey everyone! I’m Chelsea back from Chelsea’s Messy Apron to share with you one of my family’s FAVORITE easy dinner recipes. Its one of my favorites because it’s so easy to make, I never get any complaints come dinnertime, and overall it’s so flavorful! It’s a delicious hearty meal that is perfect for back to school time. Which, crazy enough for us, is in a couple of weeks and coming faster than I’m ready for it!

So let’s talk a little bit more about this one pan honey mustard and chicken.

How do you make this easy and healthy one pan dinner?

  • You’ll start by preheating the oven to 425 degrees F and then lining a very large baking sheet with heavy duty foil, parchment, or a liner.
  • On that pan you’ll put the cut veggies, oil, and seasonings! Those will bake first.
  • Meanwhile you’ll salt and pepper both sides of the chicken thighs and drumsticks.
  • Remove the baking sheet and toss the veggies gently. Arrange the chicken pieces in a single (and not overlapping) layer around the veggies. This goes back in the oven for another 15 minutes.
  • Meanwhile you’ll prepare the sauce by mixing together the dijon mustard, whole-grain mustard, honey, and brown sugar. That gets whisked together and drizzled evenly over the chicken and veggies.
  • Everything bakes once more until the chicken is cooked through and veggies are tender. And before you know you’ve got a delicious chicken and veggie dinner ready to devour! 🙂

Is this One Pan Honey Mustard Chicken and Veggies healthy?

  • Yes!! Not only is it packed with so many good-for-you veggies, but it’s also sweetened mainly by a natural sweetener (honey). The benefits of honey are most noticed when it is replacing another unhealthier sweetener like white sugar. While there is a little brown sugar in this dish, the amount is very small. You can also use coconut sugar in place of the brown sugar if you’re looking to completely remove refined sugars.

Can I make this One Pan Honey Mustard Chicken and Veggies ahead of time?

You can prepare parts of this dish ahead of time! The sweet glaze can be made a day a head of time and you can prepare the carrots and red onion a day in advance. Just make sure to store everything in airtight containers until ready to cook!

Honey mustard chicken and root vegetables on a black plate with a white fork.

How can I make clean up of this One Pan Honey Mustard Chicken and Veggies easy and quick?

  • To make the clean up super quick and easy for this dinner, you can line your sheet pan with heavy duty foil. Make sure to completely coat the tray in the foil and the clean up will be as easy as removing the foil and giving the tray a quick rinse. Since this dish does get a little sticky (honey!) you do want your sheet pan lined with something — parchment paper or a silpat liner. In my experience, two sheets of heavy duty foil really does the trick.

What side dishes go well with this One Pan Honey Mustard Chicken and Veggies?

  • This Creamy Pea Salad would make an amazing side dish accompaniment to this dinner. It’s light and fresh and perfectly balances the heavier root vegetables of this dinner.
  • This Autumn Chopped Salad is a major reader favorite and would be the perfect fresh side dish to this dinner. There’s a lot of fresh fruit in this salad which helps to balance all the veggies of the dinner!
  • And who doesn’t love Buttery Rolls to go along with a veggie heavy dinner? These rolls are delicious with this meal!

Honey mustard chicken and root vegetables in a white serving bowl.

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Recipe adapted from Good Housekeeping Magazine

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