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Instant Pot Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos

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Instant Pot Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos are a family favorite weeknight meal! The flavorful chicken is so quick and easy to make and can be topped with an endless possibility of toppings. 

Instant Pot meals are so quick and easy and perfect for busy nights!  Instant Pot Lemon Garlic Chicken, Instant Pot Beef and Broccoli, and Instant Pot Chicken Alfredo Pasta are a few of our favorites!

Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos opened out to show the inside ingredients.

Everyone is in need of another healthy, quick, and easy meal, right?! These Instant Pot Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos are just that and they are so versatile because you can top with with whatever you desire. For more taco recipes, check out Smoky Paprika Fish Tacos with Apple Slaw, Grilled BBQ Chicken Tacos, or Baked Chicken Tacos.

Instant Pot Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos close up on inside ingredients.

Instant Pot Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos

I love tacos and could eat them everyday. Because there are so many different variations I really don’t think it’s possible to get sick of tacos. You can change up the protein, veggies, toppings… I especially love this Instant Pot Salsa Verde Chicken Taco recipe because it’s a dump and cook recipe making my life a whole lot easier. I just love that with the help of the Instant Pot I can get a delicious dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes!

Cooked chicken in the crock pot.

How do you make Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos?

  • Place the chicken breasts in the bottom of a pressure cooker and sprinkle the seasonings on top. Pour the jar of salsa verde over the top.
  • Close the pressure cooker and turn the knob to seal. Cook on manual HIGH pressure for 14 minutes with by a 8 minutes natural release.
  • Shredded the chicken right in the pot with all the juices using two forks.
  • Remove the chicken from the pot using a slotted spoon or pour chicken into a strainer. Removing the excess liquid will help your tacos to be a little less messy when eating.
  • Serve chicken in corn tortillas with loads of toppings.

Shredding cooked chicken with 2 forks.

What kind of toppings should I use?

I happened to make them this time with all green toppings (romaine lettuce, cilantro, avocado) but you can really add whatever toppings you like. Here’s a list of some more that would be great: corn, black beans, olives, cheese (I like queso fresco), tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream… What do you like to put on your tacos?

Tacos laid open on a counter to show the inside ingredients.

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