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Honey Walnut Shrimp

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Crispy shrimp tossed in a creamy sweet sauce and candied walnuts. This is so much better than take out and one of the best shrimp recipes that you will make!

honey walnut shrimp in a black cast iron skillet.

Let’s talk shrimp. Do you love it or hate it? My husband LOVES shrimp! He asks me to make it all of the time. I am not the biggest fan of it but I am a firm believer on giving things a second try. I used to not like a whole lot of foods growing up and have learned to love some things that I once hated. I decided to make this popular restaurant recipe because it sounded amazing!

This is a great recipe to start with if you aren’t a huge shrimp fan. First of all,  the walnuts get a crunchy candied outside. Then, you pan fry the shrimp until the outside gets nice and crispy.

But the honey glaze. It is out of this world!

Areal view of honey walnut shrimp in a black cast iron skillet.

The sauce is a combination of honey, mayonnaise, and sweetened condensed milk. Yeah you heard right. Sweetened condensed milk! Just a little of this added to the sauce brings all of the flavors together and adds such a delicious and sweet glaze to the shrimp.

And the candied walnuts throughout. Amazing!

You are seriously going to love every single bite. I love being able to make recipes right at home that are better than takeout! And I promise that you are going to love this one just as much as we did. My hubby especially! 🙂

honey walnut shrimp in a white bowl with broccoli.

 Recipe adapted from All Recipes Finished areal view of honey walnut shrimp.

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