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Chinese Chicken Pasta Salad with Sesame Dressing

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A delicious and flavorful salad that is packed with leafy romaine, red cabbage, chicken, carrots, and almonds. The pasta adds a unique and perfect texture and the sesame dressing is perfect on top!chinese chicken pasta salad on a white plate.

I love a good salad. Can you tell? I have been trying to post one once a week and I make them all of the time. Since making healthier lifestyle choices, I have been incorporating a lot of good salads into the diet.

I used to hate salad. Did you know that? I used to gag them down. So I am a firm believer that anyone can come to love salads. I started by wrapping chicken into a romaine leaf and eating it. Slowly I got used to the taste. Then I discovered how delicious salads can be. I have come a long way from my wrapping lettuce around chicken days. I actually prefer a good salad over a burger. The right salad can be full of flavor and textures, and this salad was just that!!

chicken chicken pasta salad ingredients on a white plate

This salad is full of all kinds of amazing stuff. I actually was inspired by this recipe by one of my favorite salads here on the blog. It is so fun combining things from all of my favorite salads and making one incredible salad.

And this one…. it became an instant favorite!

chinese salad on a white plate.

Not only was the flavor absolutely incredible, but the pasta texture added to it was awesome. I love incorporating pasta into a leafy salad. All of the flavors combined to make this salad truly amazing.

chinese chicken salad on a white plate.

You are going to love everything as much as I did about this salad. The sesame dressing on top is absolutely incredible. It was the perfect finishing touch to this mouthwatering salad. It will become an instant favorite at your house too! It will be one that you will make again and again!

chinese salad on a white plate


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