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Chicken Bacon Ranch Pinwheels are an easy wrap your party guests will love with chicken, bacon, cheese and ranch seasoning. They’re delicious either hot or cold!

If you’re looking for a main course option, you can try this amazing Creamy Bacon Mushroom Thyme Chicken which is a showstopper and delicious as well!

Stack of chicken bacon ranch pinwheels.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pinwheels

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pinwheels are perfect as a lunch, an after school snack, or an appetizer.  They taste wonderful either cold or hot.  A crowd pleasing potluck favorite, they immediately come to mind anytime I am looking for something easy to make and take. They look impressive, but are really so quick and easy to make!

They will become your tried and true recipe too, because you can put them together quickly, they travel well, and they will be one of the the first dishes to be empty at any gathering.  These pinwheels are just as easy to put together as a sandwich.  Simply spread the creamy bacon ranch mixture over the tortilla, roll it up, cut into pieces, and enjoy!  These are must try homemade pinwheels that will be the best you have ever made!

What’s in Chicken Pinwheels?

These pinwheels are so versatile and the ingredients can be adapted to fit whatever time you have.  For example, if you are in a time crunch you can use the already cooked bacon crumbles that are real bacon just precooked and diced for you. You can also use a rotisserie chicken if you want to save time and enjoy the leftover chicken as a separate meal.

  • Chicken breasts: Use cooked/grilled chicken that is chopped for a great tender protein.
  • Thick cut bacon: Cooked bacon will add salty amazing taste and crunch.
  • Cream cheese: Adds a mild and slightly sweet tangy flavor.
  • Cheddar and jack cheeses: Shredded mixture of mild cheeses adds great flavor to the filling mixture.
  • Ranch Seasoning: Tangy flavor that is filled with hints of salt, garlic, onion, chives, parsley, and dill.
  • Tortillas: Large burrito sized work best.

Let’s Make Pinwheels!

In just a few minutes and a couple easy steps you have the most amazing chicken pinwheels ready to serve.  They are filling and packed with bacon ranch flavor that is SO GOOD!

  1. Prep ingredients: Chop the chicken and the bacon finely, into a ¼ of an inch dice (The smaller the better for the mixture to wrap well into the pinwheel shape).
  2. Combine ingredients: Into a large bowl add the chicken, bacon, cream cheese, cheddar and jack cheese (you can use all cheddar if you’d like). Mix well.
  3. Add ranch seasoning: Sprinkle on the ranch seasoning evenly over the whole bowl and gently mix again.
  4. Spread mixture over tortillas: Smooth a thin layer over your tortillas, then roll the tortilla tightly.
  5. Let rest: Let sit for a few minutes before cutting, seam side down.
  6. Slice: Cut into ¾ – 1 inch slices and serve.

Steps to make chicken bacon ranch pinwheels.

Variations of Chicken Bacon Ranch Pinwheels:

If you aren’t making these for finger food, you can easily put the filling into a sandwich or pita pocket. You can still add it to a tortilla but you don’t have to slice it for an even quicker lunch option.  Also, adding this mixture over a salad would make an excellent light and healthy meal.

Cutting pieces of a chicken bacon ranch wrap.

How to Store Pinwheels:

Chicken bacon ranch pinwheels can be made ahead and store well.  Wrap tightly, then place in the freezer for up to 2 months or in the refrigerator for up to 4 days.

Close up of chicken bacon ranch pinwheels.

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